The Explosion Of TikTok

New inventions in science and technology give rise to new trends. Some years ago we had only landlines in our homes. Invention of mobile phones boosted a revolution in the telecom department as well as in the digital field. At first we had small phones with one camera and not so good picture quality in that. But in the later years we got so many options in the field of mobiles, tabs etc. Thousands of telecom companies with latest mobiles and marvelous features attract the people to buy them and one most important feature is their cameras. Today we have mobiles with dual cameras, back and front both. You can imagine their picture quality with their pixel strength as some brands provide the latest version of 7 and 8 megapixel cameras that gives you a perfect click. As we can see people around the world are crazy for pictures and videos and posting them on their social media accounts. Posting selfies as their status, or sharing videos of every special moment is the latest trend these days and not just special occasions, rather than people make their daily routines photos, selfies and videos these days. Despite this video making can provide you jobs too!! Ya you heard it right. Companies are providing many internships regarding video making, editing, video graphics and many more. Besides this YouTube is becoming a very popular medium to post your videos and if you get a large number of subscribers on your video then you can make your talent as one of your earning medium.

TikTok Videos

As I mentioned earlier about video making and its trend, Tik Tok is one of the most famous video making apps which gives you the joy of making short, sweet and most of the times funny videos. It is a short video making and sharing app which is China originated but it’s famous in countries all over the world. It gives you a lip-sync option so that you can do mimicry and make funny videos or imitate dialogues of famous movies or actors. This app is available in google app store and you can install it in your phone from that. After filling basic info about yourself, you can make a tik tok ID which you can secure with a password and now you can start making your videos and share them. It has sharing options on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. You can make short videos of your dance or singing a song, or you can imitate with lip sync option to make short videos by acting your heart out on any song. You can add face and video effects too for making it more presentable. People also use different backgrounds, emojis and music effects to make their video better. Most of the people make funny videos to make people laugh and to spread some laughter in the boring world. This app was launched in 2017 by a Chinese company called ByteDance.

TikTok’s Popularity

By its launch it became a very popular app. It is very famous among celebrities too. Kids are very fond of tik tok videos as it is an easy going app which anybody can make. It has popular music clips and sound bites and with its lip syncing feature kids enjoy making short and super funny videos. Nowadays people are gaining name, fame and money too by this app by adding more and more subscribers on their videos. With new updates people can make dual videos too by sharing with another user’s account. It also encourages making funny and short memes with the help of music clips. There are many tik tok challenges which people share on social media with some specific hashtags. These can go viral instantly with celebrities taking on the challenges. Over night they will be on everything from morning news to adult themed parodies on porn sites. People even use them on their social media and dating app profiles. Many sex dating apps now provide options to link to a TikTok account.

But as everything has its two sides, positive and negative, tik tok also has pros and cons. No doubt it is a very instant, super funny, enjoyable and fun video app, but beside this it also has some flaws like while used by children it should be under parents or any other elders supervision because if you make it as a public account then it can be viewed by anyone without your permission. They can access your location or private details or send you unwanted messages too. As it can be posted anywhere on social media then it is quite obvious if your kid shares any private video without your knowledge on that and it can leak your privacy or location. So use Tik Tok, make memes or videos, spread laughter but be careful while used by your kids and you too.…