Online Security and Privacy Practices You Should Use

Online security and privacy issues have become the primary concern in recent years. Many questions have been raised concerning the security of one’s information in the age of technology. So many tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., have been called out for not adhering to laws and regulations concerning data privacy.

Today half of the population has access to the internet. The majority of the business and transactions are turning virtual. We cannot deny that it made our life much easier, but at what cost? Are our data and privacy being compromised?

What are the main issues that concern online security and privacy?

It is inevitable to face security threats when you are an online user. Your data privacy becomes vulnerable to unknown online threats. Here are some of the issues regarding online security and privacy:

  • Snooping

You are prone to privacy and security once you are online. There are multiple trackers used for different purposes. These trackers track your online transactions and record your search history. Doing this will give them an idea about your interest and who you are.

These methods are applied mainly for advertising purposes that allow advertisers to present ads per your interest and taste. However, all these tracking activities may fall into the hands of cybercriminals, increasing the online risk.

  • Mishandling of information

Most of the services like e-banking or e-business portals require your personal information to continue the service. During the process, the sites primarily store cookies and your details. Often, the details are not encrypted that allows easy access to anyone. The whole process puts your details in a vulnerable state where a hacker can do anything with your data.

Online security threats are inevitable. Therefore, to prevent all these unknown threats, there are some methods you can apply to protect your privacy. Here are some of the tools and techniques that are simple and easy to follow:

  • Installing privacy monitor

We all can accept the fact that most of us avoid reading the website or app privacy policies. It is lengthy and arduous. Without reading the entire policies, we just clicked on the “I agree” button. But what we are not aware of is that it allows companies to have the upper hand over our data privacy.

Therefore, to prevent this problem, you can install a privacy monitor. It will help you see the data privacy scores rated by lawyers who have read the entire privacy policy.

  • Check your website security breach

Are you curious to know if your email or password is compromised? Well, there is a website that allows you to see if there is any breach of privacy. You can visit the site “” that will give you instant results. If there is a breach of privacy, you can change the password.

  • Switching to private search engines

Search engines help you find various types of information on the internet. However, unknown to you, multiple data you have searched are taken from your IP address linked to your device. Hence, switching to private search engines is more favorable.

Is there an alternative to Google? There are various search engines like DuckDuckGO, Startpage, Searx that offer more privacy and security. They don’t store your data, block advertising trackers, etc. So, if you want more secure and private browsing, these are better alternatives.

  • Securing your email

Email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Mail, etc., organizes and sends your mail messages. These free mail services are popular and used constantly. The email clients don’t encrypt your data, nor do they provide privacy. Hence, allowing your email account vulnerable to various online threats.

However, some alternatives can protect your email. You can use ProtonMail that encrypts your mail automatically. Unlike other mail services, they will not ask for your data. Because of its encryption-based, your emails are safe and protected.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN helps encrypt your search data, secure your online identity, and don’t disclose your IP address. It is essential when you are using public Wi-Fi as it helps you to browse anonymously. It is also advisable to use paid VPN as they are more reliable. Both CNET and PC Magazine highly recommend NordVPN. Some other high scoring VPNs are ProtonVPN and Private Internet Access VPN.…

The Explosion Of TikTok

New inventions in science and technology give rise to new trends. Some years ago we had only landlines in our homes. Invention of mobile phones boosted a revolution in the telecom department as well as in the digital field. At first we had small phones with one camera and not so good picture quality in that. But in the later years we got so many options in the field of mobiles, tabs etc. Thousands of telecom companies with latest mobiles and marvelous features attract the people to buy them and one most important feature is their cameras. Today we have mobiles with dual cameras, back and front both. You can imagine their picture quality with their pixel strength as some brands provide the latest version of 7 and 8 megapixel cameras that gives you a perfect click. As we can see people around the world are crazy for pictures and videos and posting them on their social media accounts. Posting selfies as their status, or sharing videos of every special moment is the latest trend these days and not just special occasions, rather than people make their daily routines photos, selfies and videos these days. Despite this video making can provide you jobs too!! Ya you heard it right. Companies are providing many internships regarding video making, editing, video graphics and many more. Besides this YouTube is becoming a very popular medium to post your videos and if you get a large number of subscribers on your video then you can make your talent as one of your earning medium.

TikTok Videos

As I mentioned earlier about video making and its trend, Tik Tok is one of the most famous video making apps which gives you the joy of making short, sweet and most of the times funny videos. It is a short video making and sharing app which is China originated but it’s famous in countries all over the world. It gives you a lip-sync option so that you can do mimicry and make funny videos or imitate dialogues of famous movies or actors. This app is available in google app store and you can install it in your phone from that. After filling basic info about yourself, you can make a tik tok ID which you can secure with a password and now you can start making your videos and share them. It has sharing options on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. You can make short videos of your dance or singing a song, or you can imitate with lip sync option to make short videos by acting your heart out on any song. You can add face and video effects too for making it more presentable. People also use different backgrounds, emojis and music effects to make their video better. Most of the people make funny videos to make people laugh and to spread some laughter in the boring world. This app was launched in 2017 by a Chinese company called ByteDance.

TikTok’s Popularity

By its launch it became a very popular app. It is very famous among celebrities too. Kids are very fond of tik tok videos as it is an easy going app which anybody can make. It has popular music clips and sound bites and with its lip syncing feature kids enjoy making short and super funny videos. Nowadays people are gaining name, fame and money too by this app by adding more and more subscribers on their videos. With new updates people can make dual videos too by sharing with another user’s account. It also encourages making funny and short memes with the help of music clips. There are many tik tok challenges which people share on social media with some specific hashtags. These can go viral instantly with celebrities taking on the challenges. Over night they will be on everything from morning news to adult themed parodies on porn sites. People even use them on their social media and dating app profiles. Many sex dating apps now provide options to link to a TikTok account.

But as everything has its two sides, positive and negative, tik tok also has pros and cons. No doubt it is a very instant, super funny, enjoyable and fun video app, but beside this it also has some flaws like while used by children it should be under parents or any other elders supervision because if you make it as a public account then it can be viewed by anyone without your permission. They can access your location or private details or send you unwanted messages too. As it can be posted anywhere on social media then it is quite obvious if your kid shares any private video without your knowledge on that and it can leak your privacy or location. So use Tik Tok, make memes or videos, spread laughter but be careful while used by your kids and you too.…

VPN’s Explained

vpn virtual private network

VPN or virtual private network is such a programming which can create an encrypted and safe connection over any public internet, a less secured network. The VPN uses a tunnelling protocol for encrypting data right on the end of the sender and decrypt the codes at the end of the receiver. Both the originating as well as the receiving network addresses are encrypted to ensure an advanced security.

VPN can offer freelance workers, the gig economy, business travellers and the remote corporate employees with an access to the software applications hosted by public networks. To obtain an access to the restricted model resources through the VPN the users need to be authorized for using the VPN app. They also have to submit some or other authentication details like biometric data, security token, or a password.

VPN apps are generally used by those who want to protect their transmission of data while visiting any website that is geographically restricted to a certain demography or access such web pages on their mobile. This is common for free sex sites as well as other adult related sites. VPN’s also allow for privacy when using hookup apps and other web apps that a user may want to keep private. However a secured access to these isolated websites or networks via the mobile VPN should never be confused with private mode of browsing. That’s because a private browsing doesn’t include encryption – this is simply a browser setting that that resists any identifying user data like cookies from getting collected and passed to a third party web server.

  • How Does a VPN Work?

Basically VPN tunnelling produces a connection between one point to another that cannot be accessible by any unauthorized user. To create a VPN tunnel, the ending device has to run a software application or a VPN client either in the cloud or locally. The VPN client continues to run in the background and never come to the forefront of the end user unless the latter faces any performance issue.

Now the performance of the VPN can be ruined by several factors. One of the most significant reasons is the users’ internet connection speed. Also, if there’s any discrepancy between the type of encryption as used by the VPN and the type of protocol that their internet service providers have, there can be functional error.

In a large enterprise, this performance often gets ruined due to the poor service quality that is beyond control of the respective information technology department of an organization.

  • Protocols of VPN

VPN protocols make sure that a suitable level of security is present underlying any public network infrastructure to deliver a robust support to the users. Now there can be distinct protocols as used by the concerning corporate team and the end users. These include the following:

  • Transport layer security or TLS and secure sockets layer or SSL
  • IP security
  • Point to point tunnelling protocol or PPTP
  • Layer 2 tunnelling protocol L2TP
  • OpenVPN
  • Types of VPNs

Deploying a VPN by network administrators can take various modes. Some of these are as follow:

  • Remote Access VPN

Here the clients have to connect a particular VPN network server on the network of the organization. The gateway demands to authenticate the identity of the device before allowing an access to internal network sources like intranets, printers, and servers. This sort of VPN generally bases on either Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or IP Security (IPsec) to authenticate the connection.

  • Site to Site VPN

As opposed to the earlier model, this type of VPN utilizes a gateway device for connecting a whole network in the place of a network in a different location. End node devices in the latter location don’t require VPN clients since the gateway can handle the connection. Most of such VPNs are connected across the internet using IPsec. It is also suitable for them to utilize the carrier MPLs clouds instead of the public internet as the transport medium for site to site VPNs.

It is also suitable for using Layer 3 connectivity like MPLS IP VPN or layer 2 connectivity like virtual private LAN service while running through a base transport.

  • Mobile VPN

In case of a mobile VPN, the server still stands at the edge of the company network and it enables a secure tunnelling by an authorized and authenticated VPN client. Mobile VPN tunnels are never tied to the physical IP address. Instead of that, each of the tunnels is bound to a systematic IP address. This logical IP address can stick to the mobile device and an effective and functional mobile VPN offers rapid service to the users. This can seamlessly integrate with multiple private and public networks.

Other than these, there are several other VPNs like:

  • Hardware VPN
  • VPN appliances
  • DM VPN or dynamic multipoint virtual private network
  • VPN reconnect

We hope our article could provide you with a comprehensive outline of VPN. Comment below and spread your words.…

Benefits of Browsing With DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo search engine

Searching on the net without thinking about Google is nearly similar to blasphemy. It controls search like anything. It’s a verb too mind you. Ask a usual on a daily basis web customer, and he wouldn’t recognize anything other than Google to search the web with.

Although Google has do work actually well all these years in terms of directing you to the details you hunt for, it has had some rocky and tumbling months most recently in terms of customer trust and self-confidence. It has, yes, introduced alterations. But this is the right time to inspect some new players on the block, like this search engine you might have never pay attention to – DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is also a web search engine that has been surging in fame primarily for the reason that it does the things that folks want Google to do, which it doesn’t. Here take a look at 5 of its quality that might force you to say goodbye to the globe’s preferred search engine forever.

DuckDuckGo gives several other easy usability and favorite tweaks. That helps make simpler the overall procedure for the customer, a lot of which Google implemented primary – but not the whole of them.

For example, once a viewer has reached the bottom of a SERP, they can choose to see a further result, which opens up the next SERP under the present one (without opening a new page). It’s a straightforward difference, but it does make the viewers experience a bit cleaner.


This most important benefit of using DuckDuckGo is its privacy rule. It does not gather or share personal information or details. No search data is ever formed on DuckDuckGo, and therefore no one can trace it rear to you.

On the other side, Google generally gathers your search history and records the searches you have formed across the entire its services. Still, if you are not signed in and are looking for as a nameless user, Google still stores your computer’s IP info.

Well, a usual user won’t care regarding that, but if you rest and think for a while, it’s actually scary. One can let me know so much about you if he just knows what you look for on the web. Think about the subject of it!

DuckDuckGo doesn’t follow you:

This one is almost certainly the big one, which DuckDuckGo promotes a lot. Even though Google moderately anonymizes details gather via their services, a lot of privacy advocates state that that isn’t going far sufficient as this partially anonymized info can frequently still be pieced together.

App store search, the choice to apps

Search for any famous app on DuckDuckGo, and you will acquire that it shows a carousel full of apps with comparable names. Just look for the NDTV Gadgets app to see what you mean. 

Clicking on some cards on the carousel will show you the cost of the application, a description, and links to the store. We initiate that this feature doesn’t work with very obscure apps, but it can search most of the famous ones.

DuckDuckGo, the good search engine 

DuckDuckGo shortened DDG by the Internet community, is a search engine in the mold of AOL, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and many others. Yet, it is completely different than its peers in more than some features.

For starters, its main priority is users’ privacy and stay away from the filter bubble or customized search results. As well, DDG does not compose profiles of their customers and viewers.

Another unique factor is that DuckDuckGo purposely shows customers equal results for a precise search, unlike Google, for instance, recognized for classifying results using profile algo earlier put together and using information such as place.

It also provides an information panel-like breakout box on the right rail with rapid-access information for significant details like name, phone number, address, website, etc., strained from those above-mentioned sources, counting Wikipedia (much like Google).

  • It shows all result on one page

A huge perfection over Google’s search results pages, DuckDuckGo delivers the choice to scroll down to see entire related results of one question or subject without having to access another page.

Let’s be totally straightforward and candid. Not lots of people access the 3rd or even the second page of Google’s results page. Do you identify someone who does? They are, with all confidence, the exception to the law.

  • It has no ads

People know that one of the few methods that these search engines have to earn cash is by running publicity messages. However, the view of most customers is that ads are really annoying, and they would be more than glad if they moved out of the page’s design.

Whereas the sustainability of the DuckDuckGo no-ad rule may be in the query (again, it would be fully clear from a business opinion if they decided to run them on event,) this search engine presently doesn’t have a promotion on its layout. Browsers such as Brave have added DuckDuckGo search as an option to embrace the idea of ad free browsing.

DuckDuckGo offers some other easy usability and preference tweaks that assist simplify the overall procedure for the user, many of which Google applied first – but not all of them. 

Other benefits and strong things of this search engine:

  • DuckDuckGo has its own syntax, the! bang command.
  • It is also popular with a name called “one-man army,” owned by Gabriel Weinberg with the help of a few dozens of folks for devoted and caring user experience.
  • It is more easy and quicker than Google.
  • It is placing agnostic: if you live in a precise country, it doesn’t stand for that you want to see the search results for that specific nation.
  • It is the default engine in the new Adblock Browser for cell phone devices.
  • It is appreciated and lauded by tech fans and professionals around the world.
  • It has a considerably lesser bounce rate than Bing.